SC Social Security Disability Benefit Attorneys

Obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits

Up to 80 to 90 percent of claims for Social-Security disability benefits are initially denied. Should you Additional info be handicapped and cannot work, you need a SC disability lawyer to help you secure Social Security disability benefits.

Our Sc Social Security disability lawyer is available to help you create and submit an SSDI claim on your behalf at no charge to you.

What to expect: Hiring a Social Security disability lawyer to help you organize and submit your claim can reduce the likelihood that your claim for benefits will be denied on the basis of human error, such as an incomplete submission. Using a Sc Social Security Disability Benefits Lawyer can keep your application from being denied on common Social Security Administration quirks.

Do I need a South Carolina Social Security Disability Benefits Attorney?

Because most disability claims are initially rejected, by retaining a law firm when you first file your claim for benefits, you’ll know what to do and already have a team in place to handle your case.

To start working with a Social Security Disability Benefits Attorney, you will need to establish that your condition qualifies for Social Security disability benefits.

Strom Law Firm, L.L.C., can help you in submitting a disability application if:

? you've been disabled for at least 1 year,


? your condition will probably keep you out of work for 1 year, or

? you suffer from a terminal illness with documented significant disability.

How To Proceed After you submit a request for Social Security Disability Benefits

You are not done, you’ve just started. Unfortunately, once you submit your disability application to the SSA, your claim will most likely require more attention.

The best way to help your claim is always to keep your healthcare records (or have somebody do this on your behalf.). This is valid regardless of whether you’re working with an attorney or handling the matter on your own.

One of the most typical explanations why a claim for Social Security benefits is denied is the result of inadequate medical documentation of a disability. You'll need sufficient medical documentation to support the seriousness of your condition and/or disability.

It's very important that you continue to see your medical doctor and keep up with his / her recommended treatment. If hired, we'll work with you to be sure that your condition is recorded.

This may also be helpful to have records on a regular basis documenting:

how your medical condition has prevented you from performing your past work,

any negative effects associated with/caused by your medication,

how you feel on a daily basis, and

how your condition and/or your medication affect your ability to take part in ordinary activities including walking, standing up, sitting, in addition to any effects on your memory, awareness, or ability to communicate with others.

In case you have questions about the Social Security Disability Benefits Procedure, Speak to a Social Security Disability Benefits Lawyer for a free consultation right now.

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